Cluster Mad4AM

Multisectorial Accepted Development FOR Additive Manufacturing

Developing the additive manufacturing for industry and health SECTOR

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What isMAD4AM's NetWORk ?

The Research Cluster MAD4AM (“Toward a Multisectorial Accepted Developpement for Additive Manufacturing”) involves an interdisciplinary consortium of research teams within different area:

process engineering of food and polymer materials (GEPEA)

 -mechanics of materials and civil engineering (GeM),

-food and bio based functional materials (BIA INRA)

-bio-compatible materials bone osteoblasts (RMeS)

-digital, process control/monitoring, machines and robots behavior (LS2N)

– thermal transfer in material processing (LTEN)

-metallic materials and their processing (IMN),

– (bio)Polymer, (bio)composite and multifunctional materials (IRDL)

-evaluation of information systems in supply chains and product development (LEMNA)

-law and technological innovations, health law, consumer law, and liabilities (DCS).

Last but not least, regional companies from industrial sectors where AM is emerging (Beneteau (Naval), VMI (food) and Naodent evolution (health) participate in the cluster, bringing their necessary “user driven innovation” point of view and opening the way to other industrial partners.

MAD4AM is an integrated research cluster, dedicated to Additive Manufacturing (FA), managed by the CNRS and funded by NExT.

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The Cluster's news


Forum France Additive, 4-6 of July 2023

July, 4 2023
5 Min of reading
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CableCon 2023 6th International Conf. on Cable-Driven Parallel Robots, 25th-28th of June 2023

June, 25 2023
5 Min of reading
Researchers from different scientific areas
laboratories in the same consortium
Industrial sectors in which Additive Manufacturing is expansion
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INRAE, Nantes Université, Centrale Nantes

Bio-based materials: Fibers, Polymers and Biomass for the Industry of the Future

26 September 2023
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NU, Com@Co, MAD4AM

Additive Manufacturing for Health WORKSHOP

Begin :
21 March 2024
End :
22 March 2024
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Begin :
7 November 2023
End :
10 November 2023
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Aerospace Additive Manufacturing Summit

Begin :
20 September 2023
End :
21 September 2023

Researches & publications

  • Publishing
Food Research International, Volume 167

Post-sprouting thermal treatment of green barley malt to produce functional clean-label ingredients: Impact on fermentation, bread-making properties and bread quality

May, 15 2023
  • Publishing
EPL - Europhysics Letters, 2023, 141 (2)

Liquid foam under simple shear: Local flows in the films

January, 11 2023
  • Publishing
Foods, 2023, 12 (5)

Impact of Baking Powder and Leavening Acids on Batter and Pound Cake Properties

February, 23 2023

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